Eastheimer International is a training and coaching company based in China, and specializing in multiple disciplines. Whether you need enhanced sales performance,
employee motivation, leadership development, marketing initiatives, or customer service excellence, we know how to deliver expert advice or design training workshops tailored to your company’s specific needs.


Eastheimer International provides personalized workshops that are highly interactive, connected to daily issues your team faces, and focused on providing practical tools you can use right away. All in English or in Chinese, or both. An example of workshops we have delivered in the past include Sales & Negotiation Excellence, Cross-cultural Communication, Building an Exceptional Customer Service Experience, Executive Leadership Skills, Effective Communication Skills, Delivering Powerful Presentations, to name a few.


There is no problem that can not be solved. Our face-to-face executive coaching services focus on your most immediate needs, major concerns, and opportunities. We sit down with you for an in-depth assessment of your current and future business situations, then leverage our expertise to deliver solutions and assist you personally in implementing them. During the coaching process, we spend every minute of every day thinking about one thing: Helping you grow your business.


“I strongly believe that when business works better, the world works better.”
Abdelhak Benkerroum